The role of the TMC in today's ever changing travel industry must extend beyond that of the status quo. GTM is committed to working with our clients and vendor partners to ensure the most efficient and savings focused counsel is provided. With our clients, GTM takes a strategic approach in reviewing the company's programs (Air, Car & Hotel), booking tool and expense management processes, travel policy, compliance by travel segment / market and internal divisions. Our consultative role is an expected service not an add-on to a relationship, our success as a company depends on your success as a travel manager.

Above and beyond our responsibilities in developing a comprehensive high adoption cost effect transient travel program GTM has extensive experience to address effective means of handling Project / Crew travel and lodging along with Groups / Meetings & Events. Both these travel segments in most organizations have been historically decentralized with variable if any consistent processes to track the spend or most importantly the savings. GTM currently manage project travel for some of the largest complex organizations and projects in the world yielding GTM the skills, knowledge and expertise assist any company with this segment of travel. Groups Meetings and Events depending on the size of the organization is typically one of the least controlled or centralized process and recording of spend. GTM have one of the largest Group Travel Departments in Canada. We will ensure the vertical integration of group travel spend with strategic preferred vendors, leverage all business segments to ensure you’re pricing and conditions are unparalleled, provide consultative site selection recommendations based on our global experience planning and managing groups around the world. Most importantly, GTM will centrally capture all spend analysis and cost savings reporting for all Group travel.